Our products are currently available with select distributors nationwide. Email or Call a Sales Rep for the location nearest you.

The Solar Connections Kit is compatible with all common standing seam metal roof types.

The Standing Seam Power Clamp provides an incredibly strong base for the system without penetrating the roof. For extreme conditions, additional holding power can be added by increasing the number of Silver Bullet Set Screws. The Cable Management Disc keeps your system streamlined and provides a large mounting area for solar panels. The Power Bolt’s universal one piece design requires fewer parts which reduces price and simplifies installation. It also features knurled edges which provide additional grip during installation.

Yes, testing data for both pullout and shear strengths is available upon request. The Solar Connections Kit is also tested to the UL 1703 and 2703 Standards.  Email or Call a Sales Rep for more information.  Registered users can also submit a request on our product pages.

Yes.  We are currently have products for corrugated, trapezoidal(R-Panel), and asphalt shingle roof systems.

Refer to our Installation Instructions for torque measurements. Torque values are specific to the roof system and can be found on the corresponding product page.

Technically, yes. However, we recommend you use a certified installer and project engineer who have been trained on our products. This will ensure your project adheres to all codes and certifications and is vital to keep your roof’s warranty from being voided (if applicable).

When calculating the layout for a solar project, there are several factors that need to be considered: wind speed, roof slope, ground snow load, roof layout, building codes, etc. Using an engineer will ensure all calculations are performed correctly and the system performs as specified.

Our system provides 3/4” between adjacent modules.