Standing Seam Power Clamp

The Standing Seam Power Clamp is an innovative mounting clamp that can attach to virtually any standing seam profile and provides unparalleled strength using patent-pending WaveLock™ Technology with optional 2, 3 and 5 points of attachment. The top of the Standing Seam Power Clamp can be custom drilled and tapped to fit any bolt configuration. Offering ease of installation, the Silver Bullet™ Fastener includes a rounded bullet tip to maximize strength and won’t damage the paint finish or pierce the seam.

Additionally, the Standing Seam Power Clamp is available in standard mill finish aluminum material, making it an item you can easily keep in stock when the need arises. The Standing Seam Power Clamp can be powder coated or Kynar coated to match the color of the roof system.

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Standing Seam

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Horizontal Seam, Single Fold, 90° Mechanical Fold

Double Fold, Double Lock, 180° Mechanical Fold

Tee Seam, T-Seam

Bulb Seam, Zip Rib, KalZip

3″ Trapezoidal Rib, 1¾” Snap Lock, Snap Lock

Nail Strip, Nail Flange


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