Standing Seam System – Railed

The Standing Seam System is an innovative, solar panel mounting system that can attach to virtually any solar panel frame using a railed system. The state-of-the-art Standing Seam Power Clamp can attach to virtually any standing seam profile and provides unparalleled strength using patent-pending WaveLock™ technology with optional 1, 2, or 3 points of attachment. Offering ease of installation, the Silver Bullet™ Fastener includes a rounded bullet tip to maximize strength and won’t damage the paint or pierce the seam. Our Universal L-Foot with RatchetLock™ Technology for a railed system.

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Standing Seam

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Horizontal Seam, Single Fold, 90° Mechanical Fold

Double Fold, Double Lock, 180° Mechanical Fold

Tee Seam, T-Seam

Bulb Seam, Zip Rib, KalZip

3″ Trapezoidal Rib, 1¾” Snap Lock, Snap Lock

Nail Strip, Nail Flange


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