For valley attachments and unique sections of your metal roof system applications

The Solar Connections International Z-Bracket is uniquely designed to provide the ultimate in strength and versatility with regards to any solar attachments found within your valley, as well as within any unique sections of your metal roofing system applications. As with our entire Solar Connections International product line, these specific products are designed for strength, capability, and versatility and have become a multi-use solution for all forms of valley and unique roof are attachments in the market. Capitalizing on the ease of installation with their custom pre-applied EPDM gasket specifically designed to create a watertight seal that you can rely on, this product can be used with any R-Panel, Corrugated Panel, valley details, or unique metal roof system applications that require robust and reliable attachment points for your solar installations.

  • Universal attachment for all valley and unique sections of your metal roof system spplications
  • Slotted design For versatility In your solar attachment needs
  • Pre-applied EPDM gasket for a premium water tight seal designed for use with our Universal L-Foot-SLT & our innovative Solar Connections Kit, and all other L-Foot-SLT designs/components
  • Competitively priced
  • Requires only 1 SKU eliminating the need to inventory multiple products for the same installation
  • The single piece design simplifies installation, and considerably reduces your labor and installation costs