Asphalt Shingle PowerFoot

The new and improved PowerPlate™ and L-Foot features dual EPDM gaskets that interlock and create an impenetrable elevated watertight seal. Available in black and mil finish.

Attaching solar panels to your asphalt shingle roof is a breeze with the newest product from Solar Connections International.  We’ve packed a ton of great features into our Shingle PowerMount™ Kit.

Starting from the base, our PowerPlate™ is made from durable 0.032” aluminum and includes reference marks for easy alignment.  It also features our ButylSeal™ Technology which utilizes a fully customized butyl pad and features an easy peel-and-stick installation to form a water-tight seal.  The 6061-T6 PowerMount secures to your roof with Cross Stitch Attachment Technology – 2 custom screws positioned diagonally to provide maximum strength and uplift.

The Fully EPDM Gasketed Mount provides an additional layer of water protection.  Installers will appreciate our PowerGlide™ Adjustment Technology which provides 2” of adjustment as they go.  Our 6061-T6 Universal PV Cube™ features a robust design and is compatible will all of our PowerMounts.

Use our Universal L-Foot with RatchetLock™ Technology for a railed system.