Corrugated System – Rail-Less

Corrugated Metal Roofs present a unique set of challenges when trying to install solar panels.  The PowerMount™ for Corrugated Metal Roof Systems is engineered to simplify installation and provide a great looking system. It features an industry proven high grade Fully EPDM Gasketed Mount to help form a water-tight seal with the roof. Cross Stitch Attachment Technology secures the system to your roof with 4 custom screws angled to provide maximum strength and uplift. It also features 3 layers of water protection by utilizing Stainless Fasteners w/ EPDM washers. The PowerMount is made from solid 6061-T6 Aluminum and installers will appreciate the 2” of adjustment it provides as they go. Our 6061-T6 Universal PV Cube™ features a robust design and is compatible will all of our PowerMounts.

Go rail-less and utilize our innovative Solar Connection Kit with GroundBonding™ Technology that is UL 2703 listed and approved.

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